Porcelain Japanese Figurines

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PORCELAIN CERAMIC ENESCO HAND PAINTED ORIENTAL JAPANESE FIGURINE JAPAN, Vintage LOT Ceramic Figurines Asian hand painted Japan Ceramin Porcelain KITCH, BIG 11.25 VINTAGE JAPANESE KUTANI PORCELAIN BUDDHA FIGURINE STATUE ORANGE ROBE, 5 VINTAGE JAPANESE HAND PAINTED PORCELAIN SATSUMA FIGURINE STATUE , Vintage porcelain Asian long black beard scholar figurine statue, PORCELAIN FIGURINE DOLL 12 INCH Blue and White BANGKOK THAILAND 1982 2 2, Antique porcelain japanese geisha girl figurine Blanc de Chine, Guanyin PC, Lot Seven Vintage Japanese Porcelain Figurines, Hong Kong Japanese Porcelain Ware: 3 x 7 YELLOW BOWL STAND 130502001, 1669889: JAPANESE CERAMICS ANTIQUE PORCELAIN KAKIEMON STYLE ELEPHANT FIGURINE, Vintage Asian man seated on a white elephant heavy porcelain figurine statue, New NIP Japanese GEISHA Porcelain Doll Figurine Green Golden Silk Kimono Ningyo, WALTER WILSON Signed Japanese Porcelain Figurine Vase Ho Jai Very Good Condition, Kutani Yaki Ware 3.3 Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Red Porcelain Pottery Figurine, 1642474: ANTIQUE MEISSEN PORCELAIN FIGURINE GIRL PICKING FLOWERS, Japanese Porcelain Figurine of Little Girl with Thread Made in Japan for Gumps